In-Dash Navigation & GPS

In-Dash Navigation & GPS

Head Units & In-Dash Receivers

A head unit is a stereo that fits into your dash. Replacing your automobile's head unit is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or mp3 player but often the most affordable. Getting a head unit that integrates your devices into your car is an easy first step in upgrading to the latest new technology without having to buy a new car. Even today, the premium factory receivers in new cars still can’t match the features and audio quality available in aftermarket head units and receivers. Additional features like DVD, Bluetooth, Navigation, Pandora, music streaming, HD and Satellite Radio, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and video are also available with your new reciever. There are a wide range of models, options and price points available so you can select the smartphone or mp3 player integration upgrade that makes the most sense for you. Check out a few of our models below and visit our showroom to see our entire selection of recievers! 


In-Dash GPS Navigation

Lose the map! In-Dash GPS Navigation will save you time, wasted gas and mileage by arriving to your destination in the most efficient way. Navigation units offer more than just GPS, they are designed with full entertainment system options. We offer Navigation units with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for easy connection to your smartphone. Don’t get lost again, check out our In-Dash GPS units today!


Smartphone Integration

iPhones and iPods, Android Smartphones and MP3 players have made life so much easier and basically, we enjoy life with them! Stay connected to your devices while inside your car and enjoy the ease of hands-free texting, calling, streaming music or playing stored music from your mobile devices, or listen to HD and satellite radio. From simple adapter cables to interfaces that allow you to control your devices from your vehicle's radio, we have the gear that will help you get connected!

Why Can't I just Use my Cell Phone?

Using your phone without a hands-free system while driving isn't safe, and in most places it's illegal. When an important call comes through you have to make that crucial decision to ignore mom or the kids and drive in worry or pull over possibly getting lost in a sketchy part of town. Yikes!

Since using cell phones for GPS is illegal in many states, having a map and turn-by-turn directions on an in-dash, stationary large screen gives you the most convenient and safe way to get where you need to go. No cell phone service? No problem! For those of you who enjoy adventuring "off the beaten path", the satellite technology behind in-dash navigation does not depend on WiFi or network connections so when your mobile devices have little or no signal, you're never lost!

Today's in-dash navigation systems come with so many advanced features other standalone devices really don't compare:

          We specialize in matching the factory look of your vehicle!

A Navigation installation gives you a complete "infotainment solution", conveniently located where it should be; always safely within reach. Navigation in-dash is so much more than just navigation and AS ALWAYS, make sure you have a professional install your navigation unit. Automobile systems have become highly complex so put your trust in professional installers. Our highly trained, experienced technicians will make sure your navigation system is installed correctly and safely the first time! Kartunes Autosound is your ultimate destination for mobile audio and video electronics!

Other Navigation and GPS Options

In addition to in-dash solutions, we offers portable GPS units, navigation accessories and custom options.