Car/Truck, Boat, UTV & Motorcycle Lighting

Car/Truck, Boat, UTV & Motorcycle Lighting

Safety Benefits

Safety is what is most important to you and your family, an LED Lighting upgrade is a great way to provide additional night-time safety. They illuminate the road and/or waterways and help other drivers notice you to avoid collisions. Most OEM manufacturers are way behind in understanding and adopting the importance of this when designing new vehicles. Race Sport Lighting understands this importance and is our premier supplier of these upgrades. Let us help you make your vehicles and/or boat safer!


Unlike the halogen bulbs OEM manufacturers are still using, LED Lighting utilizes a very small amount of electrical energy. LEDs produce a more intense and crisp light output using little energy, produce cooler heat and have a much longer lifespan compared to stock incandescent bulbs.

Luxurious Appearance

LED Lighting is also a great way to customize your automobile, boat or offroad vehicles with an upgraded luxurious look and restyle. Whether you want to add color, brightness or accents, Race Sport Lighting has what you need for your project. We also provide control options to operate these lighting systems by switch, remote or even your smartphone!

We provide the latest technology and most durable LEDs for tail lights, running lights, interior lighting, underbody lighting and wheel lights. Looking for a lightbar? Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty lightbar to face the elements or want to add custom exterior accent lighting, we have high quality Race Sport Lighting products to fit your needs. Visit our showroom today to experience our quality lighting in person!