Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Need a way to keep family and friends entertained on a long road trip, or even a short one? Mobile Video is the perfect solution for a stress free, more enjoyable drive by offering your passengers entertainment and relaxation! Turning your car into an entertainment center on wheels is simple with systems that accomidate different price points. 

Options for a Back Seat Entertainment System

There are various options to consider when purchasing a rear seating entertainment system. Headrest video monitors are our most popular choice. Headrest monitors allow you to view DVDs and depending on the model, some also seamlessly support smartphone integration, USB and SD cards. By replacing your factory headrests with a vehicle interior matched headrest that also includes a built in video monitor, you will have dual monitors with the ability to play seperately. Say goodbye too loud kicking, screaming and fighting over what to watch!

Only need one monitor? An overhead video monitor is a larger, single monitor installed into the ceiling of your vehicle. This option is perfect for playing multiplayer video games, that’s right, video games! or for passengers who enjoy watching programs together.


How Does the Sound Work?

Both the overhead and headrest video monitors can play sound through wireless or wired headphones so that everyone can happily listen to their entertainment without disturbing other passengers.

Simple Tablet Integration

Want to use your tablet or iPad? A simple solution is a headrest mounting system that attaches easily to the back of the passenger or driver’s side seat. The mount tilts for the best viewing angle and at the end of your trip removal is easy and safe.


Keep your passengers occupied for a happier, more peaceful driving experience for everyone! Reduce your distractions and keep passengers entertained to make every trip a good trip.